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Hello friends how are you hope you are all fine. Today we are going to talk. About bubble shooter game which is a very fun game. This game was started on 26 March 2001. This game is a casual game.

There are many colored bubbles in this game. In this game you can shoot more than three color bubbles at the same time. In this game, you have to aim at the bubble shooter. There are many bubbles in the bubble shooter game. Which we have to shoot. After doing this we have to burst all the bubbles.

The game ends after reaching the bottom line of the screen. If you can suit as many games in one suit. The faster the game becomes the fireball. Which you can use while playing the game. It also has a bomb. You can use it while playing. Bubble Shooter Game is a video game. There are no balls left in the level after passing this game.

How to play Bubble Shooter Game

Talk about some special features of the bubble shooter game, then there is also a fireball in this game. And there are bombs too. The special thing about this game is this. that we can gather our fire. and bomb you can also submit. There are different colored bubbles in this game.

Bubble Shooter Game


The bubble shooter game is a very fun game. Children are in lov


e with this game. Along with children, adults also like this game very much. As you pass the level of shooter game. By the way, you get to see a lot of new things in this game.

Also This Google Play Store

As in this game ahead, we will see around like water out

side the bubbles, there will be bubbles inside it and we also get to see bubbles with an adhesive ahead. Which makes playing the bubble shooter game even more enjoyable.

Play Bubble Shooter Game

To play the bubble shooter game, the colored ball given below has to attack more than three bubbles of the same color. By doing this all the bubbles of the same color get burst.

Play Bubble Shooter Game

One thing we have to keep in mind while playing bubble shooter game. In this game, the word that suits. And suit on other colored bubbles. so that bubbles will stick to others your bubbles stick to other colored bubbles then you will find it difficult to play the game, by doing this you will lose the game, so you must keep this in mind.

Which color bubble suits you. suit bubbles of the same color bubble shooter game, we can also change the lyrics while playing. Like if the color is not matching what suits the lyrics. So we can also use other words.

Where to download Bubble Shooter Game

Now we are going to talk. Let me tell you how to download the bubble shooter game, you can also download this game from the play store app of your smartphone. And you can also download it from Google.

Where to download Bubble Shooter Game

We have to open the Play Store app and type it thereafter clicking on the search key option. Bubble Shooter Game After doing this, the game has to be downloaded. After downloading, we can play the game after installing the game. And can enjoy playing bubble shooter games.


The bubble shooter game consists of multi-colored ones that kids enjoy playing. The Babble shooter game is a very fun game. You can also play bubble shooter games on your smartphone. You can play this game online also.

Bubble Shooter Puzzle is a clone of the bubble arcade game. Which was released by Taito in 1994. The bubble shooter game is a very fun game and it is a very much liked game by people.

Apart from India, it is played in many countries. And it is also very much liked. In the level of bubble shooter game, the level is crossed only in mouse un mouse. We can also use fireballs and bombs while passing the level. That’s why we cross the level quickly.

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