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Hello friends how are you hope. That you will all be fine, today we are going to talk. About the calculator app, whose name you must have heard. And you must be using this app, calculator ka History is going to tell about the invention let’s talk. Who invented the calculator?

Considered to be the oldest. The first calculator in history when aavishkar nahin hua of calculator. tha tab IshaNagaon ki haddi ka banana karne mein kiya jata tha.That’s why these bones were used in it. Because the lines drawn by these bones looked unique.

But it was very difficult to calculate large entities through these bones. Abacus was invented 2700 years ago to make this time easier. This was the first calculation machine. The first mechanical calculator was invented in the 17th century by Wilhelm in 1642. And this calculator was named Blaise Pascal. This calculator proved to be very beneficial.

Because this made it easy to calculate large numbers, gradually time passed. And people started increasing their step calculator. The second calculator was made in the 19th century. This calculator electronic calculator calculator was made by James Share Dalton of America. And this machine was named Dalton Machine.

Special Features of Calculator App

This could be seen when Dalton discovered the electronic calculator. That now it will be easy to calculate big numbers and in 1948 the electronic calculator was ready. When this calculator was ready. Then it was sent to the market. When it was sent to the market.

Calculator App

Then the price of this calculator was very high. But it became very easy to calculate huge numbers through this calculator. The small calculator was invented in 1960. In 1960, Japan’s company and Intel company were jointly created. This calculator was very beautiful and small. Any person could carry it anywhere in his pocket. This was its biggest feature. That we can take it anywhere by keeping it in our pocket.

Calculation of large numbers is easily done. Big industrialists got benefits.The calculator had given restless facility to every person. Considering the usefulness of the calculator, today in the 21st century, the calculator is available in laptop computers and mobiles as well. How the student has found it easy to solve maths problems. Until it wasn’t. Then it took a long time to connect. But ever since. Since then the number is calculated in less time. The history of the 17th century to the 21st century has been very interesting.

How to Play Calculator App

You can use the calculator anywhere, anytime. First you will need a notebook or pen. To calculate the calculator but it is already present in your Android and iOS phones now. It means this. That you will no longer need any notebook or pen. You can calculate without all these. You can download this app from Google Play Store app. Or you can download it from Google itself.

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Let us talk about how you can use the app. It is very easy to use this app. First of all you have to download this app, after downloading, if you have to run after opening this app. So you can also do multiplication and subtraction, you can solve all kinds of questions. Every person’s life has been made easy at Taj Hotel. Whether it is in the industrial sector or in the field of education, the calculator has made an important contribution in every field.

Play Calculator App

From 17th century to 21st century calculator ka itihaas rochak raha hai. Calculator has made life easier for every person. whoever it isEver since the invention of the calculator. Since then the smallest and largest numbers are easily calculated. We are seeing in the 21st century. That calculator is present in laptop computers and mobiles. This lets us know. That’s how the utility of calculator is increasing.

Where to Download Calculator App

Come on guys now let’s talk. How can you download calculator app. See, let me tell you that downloading calculator apps is very easy. Like you download any other app Google Play Store apps. Similarly, you can also download the Calculator app from Google Play Store apps. Or you can also download this app from Google.

By the way, calculator apps are already there in Android and iOS phones. But if your phone is not there. So no problem you can download this app from google play store app. So first of all, open the Google Play Store app on your phone. After opening you will see the option of search.

Download Calculator App

On which you have to click. After clicking you have to type. After typing the calculator app app, you have to search. After searching you will see the app. On which you have to click. After clicking, you will see a download option again. Click here to download it. It will be installed automatically, after it is installed, you can use it.

You can easily download this app. And you can use this app without the need of any net. Because this app is offline app. If you want to update this app. So you can do it with the help of net.You can easily download this apps from Google Play Store app.


Do you know. That today’s calculator was made in about 1642 years i.e. about 400 years old. Apart from the common calculator, the scientific calculator also developed later, which is used for a long time in the science field. There are strict integrated into the calculator’s internal system.

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