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Hello friends how are you hope. That you guys will be all right, today we are going to talk. About Candy Crush game which is very funny game. And it is a game very much liked by the people. This game started on 12 April 2012. Candy crush game is given a lot of importance.

According to the year 2000, there were 500 million approximately 5000 million uses of Bejeweled worldwide. This match-three puzzle is the best video game. Whose copy made Candy Crush Saga and now this game has become so famous. That daily millions of people download it.

This game is a video game. Which is played offline. You do not need the internet to play this game this game is made by Popcap company. Candy Crush game is such a fun game. There are other games like this game.

How to Play Candy Crush Saga Game

Candy Crush is a free to play a match-three puzzle video game. Which was released by King for Facebook on 12 April 2012.Candy Crush game is very amazing game. This game is very much liked. And people play a lot too. The number of downloads for this is also very high.

Candy Crush

Candy Crush received special mention in Hong Kong media with reports that one in seven Hong Kong citizens plays the game. Candy Crush continues to be one of the top gross revenue earning apps for mobile in the 4 years leading up to the game.

In December 2013, King entered the Japanese market with a series of television commercials in Japan, and by December 4, it became the 23rd most downloaded game in Japan on Android devices named Candy Crush.

Play Candy Crush Saga Game

Let’s talk about how to play Candy Crush game, in this game players swap candies of different colors on a game board, then by matching candies of the same color with three or more candies of the same color. If you burst four candies of the same color together, then you will have a candy ready.

Play Candy Crush Saga Game

And if you make five in candies of the same color then you will get the ball, by doing this you will win quickly and if you make five in two lines from the other side then you will get toffee, you can use all these things while playing your M. By doing this you will win the level.

In Candy Crush game if the words of colors become. So you can use it with candy of any color if you use this ball with any toffee. So that word makes everyone a hat of that color. In which game a certain number of moves must be completed within a limited amount of time if you do not do so. Then you can lose the game.

Where to download Candy Crush Saga Game

Today let me tell you how to download Candy Crush game and enjoy this game, then let me tell you how to download Candy Crush game, you can download it from your Google Play Store to download.You can also download Candy Crush game from Google.

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To download Candy Crush game, first you have to turn on the net in your smartphone, then you have to open the Google Play Store, after doing this you will have to click on the search option and type candy crush game after doing that. After clicking on it, you will see the option of download on which you have to click.

Where to download Candy Crush Saga Game

After doing this you have to let the game download. After the game is downloaded, it will be installed, after installation, you can open it and enjoy the Candy Crush game. This game is played offline only. No internet is required to play this game.


The Candy Crush game is considered one of the first and most successful applications of the phimium model. This game can be played without spending any money.Candy Crush game is very amazing. Which is a video game. You can play on your smartphone only.

In this game the matched candy is removed from the board. After this another candy falls on these empty places.Candy Crush game is divided into several parts. which is completed in sequence. In every new level we get to see something new. If you play the game very well. So you get three stars after completing the game. If you don’t play the game well. So your stars may be less.

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