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Hello friends how are you hope. that you will be all right. So today we are going to talk. This is a very fun game about carrom pool game. The beginning of this game is said to be around 1929 in Mumbai. Truth is this. that is. The game is most famous only in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Pakistan.

The International Federation ICF was formed in 1988 in Chennai, the same year’s international rules have also been stamped.Carrom is a game that can be played by two, three or four players,

for this there is a carrom board and no no black and yellow pieces and a red colored queen piece, there is a striker by which the pieces are made on the four corners of the carrom board. One piece has to be pushed into the round pit.

Special Features of Carrom Pool Game

Talk about some special features of the carrom pool game, it originated in the Indian subcontinent, it became very popular after the First World War. Sports competitions also started taking place in 1988, it developed into an international form and the International Carrom Federation was established in Chennai, India, in the same year its rules were published and it is gradually becoming very popular in other countries.

Carrom Pool Game

spread all over the world This game is very fun game and this game is liked by people only ghost. Carrom pool game is a very old game. And people like it too.Carrom pool games are very popular in Afghanistan and the Indian subcontinent. This game has different names. And the name of carrom pool game is taken in different languages.

Carrom pool game is played by kids and in social work. A patent is not a game. This game is public domain. In the early twentieth century it became very popular in the United Kingdom and in national circles.

How to play Carrom Pool Game

Carrom pool game can also be played by two players. And three or four players can play. There are no black balls in this game. And there is no white. There is a goti queen in it. And there is a stigma. Which is why we have to play. The black piece in carrom pool game.

We consider that goti equal to ₹ 10. And which is the white piece. We consider him 20. And which is red in colour. It’s called 50.More people know about the carrom game. And must have played this game, this board is square. There are a round pit in the four corners of this board.

How to play Carrom Pool Game

A maximum of four people can play the carrom game. Not more than 4 people can play this game if you think. That only one player can play this game. So that is not possible. That’s why there should be two, three or four players to play this game.

While playing the carrom pool game, if the player moves one piece at a time to any one of those four circles. So that player gets another chance to play. If you take twice, you will get twice; if you do not take one piece at once, you will not get a chance to play again if you continuously put the piece in the circle. so you will keep getting chances

Where to download Carrom Pool Game

You can use google play store to download carrom pool game. And you can also download this game from Google. First of all, you have to turn on the net in your smartphone, after that you have to open the Google Play Store app in your phone.

Where to download Carrom Pool Game

After opening, you have to type by clicking on the search option, after typing carrom pool game, clicking on it will see the download option, you have to click on it. After clicking, the carrom pool game will start downloading, after downloading the game will be installed automatically, after that you can play the carrom pool game. You can also take this game offline without net.


Carrom Pool Game is a video game. Which you can play on your smartphone. Which you can also play this game offline with your friends. That is, if your phone does not have internet. So you can download this game and play it offline. More than 10 million people have downloaded the carrom pool game.

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Carrom pool game is played on plyboard or hardboard. But you can also play it on your smartphone. That too without the net, you must download this game and play it, it is a very good game.There is one piece of red color in this game. Which is called queen. His marks are 50.

There is a big piece in it. We play carrom pool game with what is called striker. A round circle is made in the middle of this game. In the middle of which we keep all the pieces. And then play with the striker.

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