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Hello friends how are you hope. that you will be all right. Today we are going to talk. About the Facebook app, which you must have used, this app was started by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, then its name was The Facebook. Facebook is located on the Internet.

is a free social networking service. It was renamed Facebook in August 2005. Facebook has the facility to work in Hindi along with other languages. In 2013, 2014, Facebook had tied up with mobile service provider companies from 40 countries including India. For this reason, a new site of Facebook can be used on mobile for free.

Users of Facebook create a profile page and give information about themselves on it. In this, their name, photograph, date of birth, and details of workplace, school, college, etc. are given. Through this page, people can find their friends and acquaintances by entering their names and email, etc. This app is similar to WhatsApp app.

The Facebook app also runs through the net. You will need net to use this app, you can upload your photos and videos on this app. For this, the permission to view the pictures has to be ensured. Facebook changed its cover in 2008. User members of Facebook can also create their own group here.

It could be the school of the group, the college or their list the city gets used to sometime. This group can also be of some people. And people can be invited to join in. Through this, all the acquaintances can be invited together for an event occasion. People can also make friends with like-minded members of their interests, political and religious interests, on this website.

Special Features of Facebook App

You can also set the status of a photo or video on the Facebook app. You can share your photo or video with your Facebook friends. In April 2011 Facebook launched a new portal for marketers and creative agencies to help develop brand promotions on Facebook In February 2010 Influencers Summit I selected a group of British advertising leaders to meet with Facebook’s top executives Invited by Now You Blood is involved in campaigns for American Idol and Top Gear.


You want to contact your friends. Even if you are so far away from you, you can contact your friends through Facebook. The Facebook app has Night Mode. The one who takes care of your eyes. By doing this, your eyes do not get so much emphasis on the screen light of the phone so that your eyes are protected.With the changing times, Facebook has updated itself a lot, on which the person can be traced every little thing, news report, shopping idea, craft, cooking video and even the smallest thing from Facebook.

Also This WhatsApp App

This is a very interesting one. Through Facebook, you can find your old friend or person of any relationship. Through which users can refine their lighting, upload a picture of themselves or their interest to Facebook or share a video with each other This picture will only be seen by the people you want to show what to do at a particular time have been. You can know this. You must have heard the name of Facebook app and you must have also used this app if you have not yet created an account on Facebook. So you can join Facebook by creating ID.

How to play Facebook

Let me tell you how you can use this app. Why would you need net to use this app, you cannot use this app without net, first of all you have to do this. It is very important to have a mobile number or a Gmail ID. It is also very important to have net in mobile.

How to play Facebook

You can talk to friends through Facebook. This is a social media. in which you can post. You can like on any post. Can comment. And you can share it too.Facebook app is a medium to connect with each other. With the Facebook app, you talk to users outside the state and country. To use Facebook, we need a phone number or Gmail ID.

Then we can create our account. Facebook ID will be required to run if you want to make new friends on Facebook. So you have to send friend request if you want to upload photo on Facebook ID. So you have to open your Facebook account. After going to the profile, there is an option to upload a photo.

Where to Download Facebook

From there you can easily upload photos.In 2012, Facebook broke its own record and in August 2005 it was renamed as Facebook. Before that its name was The Facebook. It is operated by a private company called Facebook Inc. It quickly became popular on college campuses after its launch as a college networking site.

Let me tell you how you can download Facebook app. And how can use it. So first of all you will need net in your phone, after that you can also download this app from google play store. Or you can also download from Google. So you have to do this. That is to open your play store.

Where to Download Facebook

After opening, you will have to type by clicking on the search option, after typing the Facebook app, click on it, then let the app download by clicking on the download option, after the download, this app will be installed automatically. After that you can open this app. After opening, this app will ask you for Gmail ID and mobile number, which you will have to fill, but to do this, it is very important for you to have an email ID. That’s why you first create a Gmail ID, after that you can open this app.


To message friends in Facebook app, you can message directly by going to Messenger of Facebook application. It is very easy to run this app in English language. But if you want to run this app in Hindi. So for this you can go to Settings and select Hindi language.

It is very famous. And people use it in very large numbers. The history of Facebook is not very old. But very funny. Because Facebook has achieved a lot of progress in a very short time. In August 2005, it was purchased and registered in the name of facebook.com, it was signed in September 2005, after that it started spreading in all the universities of US and UK.In September 2006, it was completely exposed to the whole country.

Seeing the fame of Facebook in 2007, big business companies joined Facebook to promote business, due to which Facebook started benefiting from billions of trillions of rupees. In Ireland, it was decided to open the international headquarters of Facebook in Dublin, with this their progress graph should be bigger than faster.

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