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Hello friends how are you hope. That you will all be fine, today we are going to talk. About Google Lens app which is a very popular app. You must have heard about this app Google Lens is an image recognition technology developed by Google. Which is designed to fetch contextual information related to objects identified using visual analysis based on neural networks.

First announced during Google 2017 It was provided as a stand-alone app before it was added to Android’s standard camera appWhen pointing the phone’s camera at an object Google Lens will attempt to identify the object by reading the barcode QR code label and text and showing the relevant search results webpage and information for example let me tell the design’s camera wifi with the network name and password It will automatically connect to a scanned WiFi network when pointing at the level.

The lens is also integrated with the Google Photos Google Assistant app, a service similar to Google Google’s. Which is a previous app. which works similarly. But the lens uses more advanced deep learning with less capability.If you want to use google lens.

So you can download apps from Google Play Store.You can also download this app from google app. During 2019 Google announced 4 new features The software will be able to recognize and recommend the items one I mentioned above will have the ability to calculate tips and divide hearts to show how to prepare dishes from a recipe and Text to speech can be used.

Special Features of Google Lens App

Google officially launched Google Lens on October 4, 2017 with piri installed app preview on Google Pixel 2 In November 2017 Google Assistant launched this feature for Pixel and pixel to phones Lens in Google Photos app for Pixel phones Preview has also been implemented. On March 5, 2018 Google officially released Google Photos to Google Lens on non-Pixel phones.

Google Lens App

Support for Lunch was rolled out in the iOS version of Google Photos on March 5th, 2018 from May 2018 to Google Lens within Google Assistant on OnePlus devices As well as being integrated into the camera apps of various Android phones. A stand-alone Google Lens app was made available on Google Play in June 2018 with limited device support. Although it is not clear. Which device is not supported. Or why it requires Android Marshmallow Six Point Zero or newer versions. On December 10, 2018, Google rolled out the Lens visual search feature in the Google app for iOS.

How to Play Google Lens App

Now let us tell you how you can use the Google Lens app. You can use Google Lens very easily, let us tell you. Google Lens is a new version of Google’s own product Google Goggles. For example, by scanning the bar code of a product, you can get the complete details of that product.

Also This Google Map

In the same way, you can get complete information about that society by scanning any similar thing around you directly with your mobile camera from Google Lens app. When you scan any object around you like a water bottle or an animal photo with the Google Lens application. So you get full information about that stuff. Google Lens Application Launched on October 4, 2017 Google Office Google Lens Application was launched from Google Pixel In 2018, it was also launched on Android and iOS platforms, which is not Google when Google launched Google Lens App.

How to Play Google Lens App

Just announced that real world text and translation can be done in Google Lens. However, after some time it was made more useful as Google Lens Translate, the Google Lens Translate Future of this application is considered to be the best and very useful in the field of education. After scanning any language with Google lens app, you can easily translate it to any other language.

Let us talk about how you can download the Google Lens app. It is very easy to download this app. Like you download more apps from Google Play Store apps. Similarly, you can also download this app from Google Play Store app, first of all you will need net to download this app if you have net. So you can download this app.

Where to Download Google Lens App

So let’s open the Google Play Store app on your smartphone, after opening it, you will see a search option, on which you will have to click and type, after doing the Google lens app, why should you click on the search sun? After doing this, you will see the Google app on which you have to click.

After that you will see a download option, after clicking on it, the app will start downloading, after downloading the app will be installed automatically, after that you can use this app. And by scanning anything around you on this app, you can get all the information about that thing on the Google Scan app. So without delay, you can download all the Google Play Store apps and you can download this app from Google App in addition to Google Play Store app.

Where to Download Google Lens App

Without delay, download this app and get information about everything around you right now, you do not have to do much to use it. All you have to do is turn on the camera of your phone. Anything else has to be scanned. There is no need to click or not click the photo. You can scan anyway. You can scan by turning on the phone’s camera. And can get all the information about that thing.


Any plant whose name you want to add on google scan app. The name of that plant can be known by scanning its photo with Google lens app camera. This feature is also its very famous. Language Translate Words written in any language can be easily understood in Hindi or English language online with the help of Google lens app. For this the language you want to understand. On those words you have to scan with this app and it will be converted in front of you in Hindi language or you want to convert in any other language. So you can do that too.

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