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Google News App (1)Introduction

Hello friends how are you hope. That you will all be fine, today we are going to talk. About Google News App which is a very popular app. And you must have heard the name of this app, maybe you are also using this app Google News is a newsgroup service developed by Google. It presents a steady stream of links to articles organized by thousands of administrators and journals.

Google News is available as an app on Android, iOS, and the web.Google released the beta version in September 2002 and the official app in January 2006. The initial idea was developed by Krishna Bharat. The service has been described as the world’s largest newsgroup. In 2020 Google announced that it would spend $1 million to work with administrators to create Showcase editions in over 60 regions in 28 languages.

As of 2014, Google News was seeing over 50,000 news sources worldwide. Were available in March 2012 As of September 2015 the service is offered in the following 35 languages. Available in languages like Arabic Bengali Kannada Japanese Indonesia Italian Turkish Russian Portuguese etc.The service covers news articles appearing on various news websites within the last 44 days.

Altogether Google News collects content from over 20000 administrators. It includes about 4500 sites for the English language. Short for other languages Its front page provides the first 200 characters of the article and a link to its larger content. Websites that require membership are noted in the article description.

Special Features of Google News App

On 1 December 2009, Google announced some changes to its First Click free program, which has been running since 2008. and allows users to search and read articles behind the paywall. The reader’s first click on the content is free. and the number after that will be determined by the content provider On December 2009 Google changed its policy to allow a limit of 5 articles per day to protect administrators from abuse This policy was changed again on 29 December 2015 Where this limit was changed to 3 articles per day, in October 2017 the program was replaced with a flexible sampling model in which each administrator chooses.

Google News App

How many, if any, free articles are allowed. A major revision was made to the layout of Google News on 16 May 2011 Google introduced the Google News page on 14 July 2011 which was later discontinued in October 2012In July 2011 the science-tech section of the English Google News editions was split into two sections Science and Technology It was announced that this section would be split on the other language editions as of early 2013. All-language division of Google News version was not applied to.

How to Play Google News App

The Google News service has been described as the world’s largest news aggregator.In June 2017 the desktop version of Google News saw a completely redesign that according to Google was aimed at making news more accessible and easier to navigate. Many options such as the Search Tools menu were removed with a redesign that made Search more difficult.

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It now uses a guard format to group off related news. And as summarized by Engadget. No longer looks like a search results page, with the text and blue links removed.Google now posts Agency France news as well as the Associated Press Press Association and the Canadian Press. This arrangement began in August 2007. In 2007 Google announced that it was paying for Associated Press content displayed in Google News.

How to Play Google News App

Although the article is not permanently archived. This arrangement ended on December 23, 2009, when Google News ceased to carry Associated Press material; this decision was upheld in appeal in May 2011. When Google had repeated the most legal save in first grade and some new ones.

Where to Download Google News App

Come on guys now let’s talk. How can you download google news app. Downloading the Google News app is very easy. Like you download any other app from Google Play Store app. Similarly, you can download this app from Google Play Store apps. Or you can also download it from Goal. This is an online app. Which you can use with the help of net.

So first of all you have to open the Google Play Store app in your phone, after opening you will see the search option, by clicking on which you will have to type and write that after typing the Google News app, you will see a Google News app. Click on which to download the app. After downloading, the app will be installed, after installing you can open this app. If you are interested in watching news.

Where to Download Google News App

So you can watch news from this app.By the way, the Google News app is usually already present in all Android and iOS phones. But if your phone does not have this app. So you can download this app from google play store app. There is not much to do to download this app. Just turn on the net in your phone and search on the Google Play Store app. And have to download. After downloading, you can see all types of news on Google News app. You get to see all the interesting new G’s on the Google News app.


Using the Google News app is very easy. If you are interested in watching news. So you can download Google News app from Google Play Store app. You get to see all types of news on this app. On June 6, 2006, Google News expanded to include a news archive search feature. A timeline view was available to select news stories from different years, which provided users with historical archives over 200 years old from some of its sources.

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