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Hello friends how are you hope. That you will all be fine, today we are going to talk. About Google Photos App which is a very popular app. Google is an American multinational technology company. Which has invested capital in the Internet search cloud community and advertising system. this is. Creates and develops many services and products based on the Internet.

And this profit mainly comes from its advertising program AdWords. Google is considered one of the Big Five of technology, along with Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft.On September 4, 1998, it was incorporated into a privately held company, its first public service began on August 19, 2004, on the same day that Larry Page Sagerai Birn and Eric Schmidt agreed to work together at Google for the next 20 years until 2024.

Since its inception, the mission of organizing knowledge in the world and making it available everywhere has been the alleged mission of the company’s non-official anger, which was removed by Google engineer Pol Bukit, Don’t Be Eval Since 2006, the company’s headquarter is in Mountain View, California.If you want to use Google Photos app. So as soon as possible you can download this app from Google Play Store.

Special Features of Google Photos App

Nowadays, we all keep our photos in our smartphones by taking care of them. What will you do if they are deleted, then you can save your photos on Google Photos. After doing this, your photos will remain with you forever, what is Google Photo. Now we tell you this. Works to save your mobile photo even after it is deleted. Google Photos Google Photos is an app. And there is an online platform.

Google Photos App

On which the photos clicked by your smartphone are saved. That is, these photos are saved on your mobile. Also uploaded to Google Photos. To upload these, you have to go to Google Photos in your mobile and link your account and allow your mobile to save all your photos on Google Photos. You can save your old photos back to your phone’s gallery by going to Google Photos.

If photos are deleted from your smartphone, then how can you bring them back to the gallery of your smart phone, we tell you that many times you delete photos from your smartphone, in such a situation, you will notice later that that photo were necessary and now you want that photo back how to save photo from google to gallery now if you have it on google photo then you can get them back otherwise there is no way to get them back you have you photo on your smartphone After deleting it, go directly to Google Photos and search for that photo and download it back from there, you will get your photo back.

How to Play Google Photos App

If you save photos on google photos. So in those folders, the name of the thing you name will be saved to you if you ever want to download photos. So you have to search by searching the name of that folder and after searching you have it. All photos will be available so that you can download and save in your gallery. Your photos are safe on Google Photos.

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If you have an Android phone smartphone. So you have to go to Google Photos app. Here in the top-left, you will see the icon of Hamburger or Main New, click on it, after clicking you will see the option of press, click on it, here you will get all the photos you have deleted, whatever photos you want back. But press people and restore it when you restore it will automatically start showing in your gallery if you have an iPhone, then how can you restore,

How to Play Google Photos App

let’s know if you have Android rust but you have an iPhone, then you can recover your photos with the help of Google Photos, in this also you have to go to the app and I am new. Click on the option, here you will see the option of bin name, in the bin you will see all the photos that you have deleted from Google Photos. You restore these or they will automatically appear in your gallery

Where to Download Google Photos App

Now let’s talk. How can you download google photos app. Google Photos app is already there in almost all Android phones. But if your phone does not have Google Photos app. So you can download this app from google play store app. Or you can also download this app from Google app.

First of all, you have to open Google Play Store, after opening, you have to type by clicking on the search bar, after typing Google Photos app, you will have to search by clicking on it, after searching, Google Photos app will appear in front of you. After downloading, now this app will be installed, after installation, you can open this app. and can use it. But to use this app, you will need an ID. To use the Google Photos app, you will also have to add the mobile number.

Where to Download Google Photos App

Google Photos app is an online used app. You need net to use this appIf you want to download Google Photos app, then you can download from Google Play Store app, although this app is already present in Android phone but if you do not have Google Photos app in your phone then you can download from Google Play Store app. Downloading this app is very simple like other apps, as you download other apps, you can also download Google Photos app from Google Play Store apps.


On Google Photos app, you can also restore old photos to your gallery, like sometimes we delete photos from the gallery of our Android phone, later we feel that that photo was important to us, then we You can restore it back with the Google Photos app, you will have to save all the photos in Google Photos, only after that you can restore the photos from Google Photos and get the photos back in your gallery, if you do this, then your photos are with you forever. There is a storage to add photos on Google Photos, if that storage is full, then you cannot save photos on it, although you can save a lot of photos on this app.

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