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Hello friends how are you hope. If you are all fine then today we are going to talk. About Hill Climb Racing game which is very fun game. And people like to play this game very much. This game was started on 22 September 2012, in this game the player drives the car on the hills while driving the car.

This game is known as Hill-Climbing Speed Hill Clive India Speed Hill Climbing. In this game the player climbs the hill. In which he can also use a motorcycle. And can also use the car. The player of this game has many different types of cars. Which he can use while playing.

In Hill Climbing Racing Game, the player has to take petrol in between while driving a car or motorcycle on the hills. While driving on the hills, some coins also keep coming all the way. Which we have to sour. The more you collect, the more you will benefit in this game, the more coins you collect,

the more coins you have from the locked vehicles in the game. You can open them with these coins. And you can enjoy playing them by climbing the hills in the game.

Special Features of Hill Climb Racing Game

Hill climb racing game is very fun game. This game is very much liked. There are many routes in this game and there are many vehicles. who are people. We get them when we play hill climbing racing game. So by collecting them we can open those roads and all those vehicles.

hill climb racing

The special thing about this game is this. That we drive on the mountains. And enjoy other cars. And fly the car over the mountain. We have to keep in mind that when we drive on the roads. So there are mountains above. If we collide with them. Then we can be out. There are two buttons in this game.

One happens. Another one of brakes. To drive the car forward, you have to control the vehicle from both of them. While playing this game, you have to climb big and high rocks. Which you can cross at the full speed of your car, the button on your left hand will be of brake and the button on the right hand will be of speed.

The racing distance of this game is never-ending. It can be enjoyed in a video game and in a smartphone. Hill climbing game has been downloaded by more than 500 million gamers. The funniest thing about hill climbing game is this. That you can play this game without the internet.

This means that you can play this game offline. While driving in the game, you have to keep in mind that from time to time you do not run out of petrol in the car. If you drive on the mountains, you will get petrol on the way.

How to play Hill Climb Racing Game

Hill climbing racing game is a video game. Which runs on the platform of iOS Android Windows. Its first version came in 2012. I very much enjoy playing this game. Car racing takes place in this game. And there are different types of cars in it. Which you can use by changing them while playing the game.

How to play Hill Climb Racing Game

Roads are also opened in this. We also have to open it only by collecting coins. On these roads, the vehicle is selected and driven according to the routes. There is one more special thing in this. is certain. That on whichever road you are driving on, the more you fly the car in the air while driving, the more people you will get, by doing this you will open the roads and vehicles quickly, in this we have to keep breaking our high score too.

If we have covered a distance of 500 meters while playing the game. Next time we run more than 500 meters then while playing the game you will get notice that if you played longer than your last race then your score will go up thereTo play this game, the player has to pass vehicles like his car or motorcycle through a zigzag path. He has to do this very carefully.

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The roads in this game are very dangerous. There are different types of vehicles in this game for dangerous roads. Which you can unlock by souring none.The player also has to take care of petrol while playing. If you run out of petrol, you will be out, that’s why you will see a red colored thing on the way, that is your petrol. And there are yellow koi. The ones you have to keep on collecting. Your profit provider has strengthened the confidence of Fingeroras.

Where to download Hill Climb Racing Game

Hello friends, let me tell you how to download Hill Climb Racing Game, first of all you will need net in your smartphone, so you can download it from your google play store. And to download Hill Climb Racing Game from Google app, first of all you have to turn on the net in your smartphone.

Where to download Hill Climb Racing Game

After that you have to open your Google Play Store and tap on the search option Hill Climb Racing Game, after doing this, we have to click on the option of truth. After clicking the download option will appear, clicking on it has to allow the game to be downloaded. After downloading, the game will be installed automatically, after that you have to turn off your net. After that you can play hill climbing racing game.


Hill climb game app is included in the top list of racing games. If you want to play this game. So download quickly Hill Climbing Racing Game is a fun road and platform game. In this, you have to keep driving as far as you can while dealing with the spectacular maneuvering that sometimes comes in your car and any coins you find along the way.

You can play this game both online and offline. This game runs well even in roomy phones. You can also modify the vehicles in the game. In this, you will get to drive many big vehicles from bikes such as buses, trucks, cars, motorcycles etc. In this game, the roads are high and low.

On which you have to be careful while driving, you have to unlock new vehicles, this game also has the option of repairing the vehicle. Where you can get your car repaired. Hill Climbing Racing is a 2012 2D physics-based racing video game.

In this game, the player is driving on hills. And balances his car. Its success spawned a sequel Hill Climb Racing 2 in 2016 which is played with just two buttons. Hill Climbing Racing Game was developed by Tony Fingeroras, the game soon had more than 10 million downloads.


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