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Hello friends how are you hope. that you will be all right Today we are going to talk. About Ludo King game which is very funny game. So let me tell you this game started on 20 February 2016. Ludo King Game is an Indian free to play mobile game. Which is developed by Indian studio Game tion Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Game tion is owned by Vikas Jaiswal. This game is developed on Unity game engine. This game was released on Apple App Store. Number one in App and Top Free Games section, Ludo King game is the Indian gaming app to pass 500 million downloads. Ludo King is played in 30 countries.

And also available in 14 languages. Ludo game has been consistently number one in the top free games section of both the Google Play Store. Along with Ludo, there is also snake CD game in this game. Which you can enjoy. In which languages Ludo King is available?

Ludo game is developed in all these languages English, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Bahasa, Indonesia, German, Spanish, Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, French, Arabic, Marathi, and Italian. Ludo King introduced a new twist called Rush Ludo which is a faster version of the game.

In January 2021, Ludo King launched 6 player online multiplayer mode and click model, 6 players can enjoy playing this game. They too can enjoy playing together.

Special Few Features of Ludo King Friends Game

Now we are going to talk. What are the special things in Ludo King game. So let me tell you. Ludo King game is a video game. Which you can also play online with your friends. And this game is also played offline. Ludo King recorded 4 million installations in 2016 and 5 points became 7 million in 2017 crossed 118 million in 2018.

Ludo King

Ludo King was the first Indian gaming application to pass 100 million downloads.Ludo game is considered a popular game because of its local multiplayer aspect. Which allows up to 6 people to play on the same phone. Each of which has its own pasha. It’s good to see.

That’s how it has penetrated into the bottom rungs of the socioeconomic segment. Ludo King Game Google Play Store has rated this game 4 point 2 star. Ludo game was selected as the best casual game of 2018 on Google Play Store.

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Ludo King game was named Ludo game at number one in the list of most downloaded mobile games in India in 2020. Online feature of 5 and 6 players has also been released in Ludo King game. There is a very special thing in Ludo game. That is it. That 6 players can play in this game.

Whether it is offline or online, you can enjoy playing six players. And there is one more thing. That people of 15 languages can play this game. And can enjoy Ludo game.

How to play Ludo King Game

Ludo King game has now become the most popular game in the world. Everyone likes to play this game. Be it kids or adults, everyone loves to play Ludo game. There is a gota in this game. On which we click and run it. After that, whatever number comes in it, we proceed with the same number of steps as our ballast.

How to play Ludo King Game

While increasing we have to keep in mind that if the ballast of the players playing with us is getting cut somewhere, then we cut it, by doing this we win. There is also a snake CD in this game. We can also play Ludo game online, we can play online with our friends.

This game is also played offline. You do not need any net to play this. If you want to play Ludo game with someone else. And you don’t have it. So you can enjoy online Ludo game by contacting that guy.

Where to download Ludo King Game

Today we are going to tell you. How to Download Key Ludo Game You can use Google Play Store to download this game or you can also download this game from your Google app, you have to first turn on the net of your phone. After turning on the net, the Play Store app has to be opened.

After opening, you have to type on the search option. Ludo King Game After this you have to click on it. After searching, a download option will appear, then click on it. After clicking, the Ludo King game will be downloaded, after the download, the game will be installed automatically, after installation, you can open the game and play the game. And can enjoy Ludo King game.

Ludo King Game Play

And you can play this game with your friends also. And everyone likes this game very much even with their family.In this game Ludo King is based on board game Ludo. Which is derived from the ancient Indian game Pachisi. The object of the game is to move four tokens from the starting point around the board to the inside of the board.

Where to download Ludo King Game

The player who does this on the first number wins. And he is considered the winner of Ludo King. There are 4 tokens in this game. Due to which we have to take them to home one by one who does this first. That’s what gets the winner in the game. That is called the winner.


Ludo King is an Indian free-to-play mobile game. It is a video game developed by Indian studio Game on Technologies Pvt Ltd. Ludo King game was first released on 20 February 2016 on Apple App Store. Ludo King game was voted as the Most Casual Game of 2018 on Google Play Store by popular vote and Ludo King was named Number One Game of India by Midday.

As of April 2021, Ludo King game is at the top of the top 10 downloaded games on Google Play Store. The most special thing about Ludo King game is this. That the player can choose his other friends to play with his Facebook on online mode. Ludo King game is available in 15 languages.

There are languages like English, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Indonesia, German, Spanish, Hindi, Gujarati, etc. In Ludo King game 6 players can play simultaneously. Six players can also play offline in this game. And can play online too.

In addition to Ludo King Game Snake CD has added 1 sub game 7 up down inside the game. As of May 2017, this game has been downloaded 50 million times in Android phones. As of January 2020, Ludo King game has been downloaded 300 million times. In which six million daily active users and 75 million people are playing in 1 month.

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