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Hello friends how are you hope. That you will all be fine, today we are going to talk. About Microsoft Powerpoint app which has been very popular. Microsoft power point is a presentation program. Microsoft acquired PowerPoint for approximately $14 million three months after its release, this was Microsoft’s first significant acquisition, and Microsoft established a new business unit for PowerPoint in Silicon Valley, where ForeThought was located.

PowerPoint became a component of the Microsoft Office suite, which was first introduced for the Macintosh in 1989 and Windows in 1990. Microsoft bundled many apps. Starting with 1994, PowerPoint 4 Point Zero was introduced as an integral part of Microsoft Office development. Along with and shared components and a convergent user interface was adopted.

The market share of PowerPoint was small at first before a version for Microsoft Windows was introduced but increasingly large with the growth of Windows and Office. The worldwide market share of PowerPoint’s presentation software from the late 1990s is estimated at 95%. % Is.PowerPoint was originally designed to provide visualizations for group situations within business organizations. But it has come to be widely used in many other communication situations, both in practice and with respect.

Special Features of Microsoft Powerpoint app

It has become widely used in many world situations, both in business and beyond. The impact of this widespread use of Power Point has been experienced as a powerful change across society, with strong reactions including advice that it should be reduced.

Microsoft Powerpoint app

should be used should be used in a different way or should be used better now let me tell you what are the special features of this app power point for web one of the microsoft power point available as part of office on the web Lightweight version that also includes web versions of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word PowerPoint for Web does not support editing charts, equations or inserting audio or video stored on your PC but they are all displayed in the presentation.

if they Some elements were added using the desktop app such as the world hard effect or more advanced animations and the transitions are not displayed at all although they are preserved in the document in the desktop app in Power Point for Ved It also lacks the existing outline master slide sorter and presenter view. There is also a limited printing option as well.

How to Play Microsoft Powerpoint app

Now we tell you. that how you can use this app. The Microsoft Powerpoint app is very easy to use. Let’s know. that how we can use microsoft power point app. You can use Microsoft Powerpoint in every field. It needs to be learned and practiced to use it well. Power point is the most used in the field of business. Using this, you can present your product, service and offer in front of your team, so that you can make a good plan for your business with your team.

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You can also use Microsoft Power Point app for personal work. You can use Microsoft power point on occasions like an action ceremony or wedding, birthday etc. Power point can be used to present the product in the field of sales and marketing.A popular philosophy included in the Microsoft Office suite is software. Its first version came on 22 May 1990, can work on Windows and Mac operating systems of Apple.

How to Play Microsoft Powerpoint app

Mainly for the Power Point Macintosh computer, Dennis Hosting and Thomas Rudkin of Forethought, Inc. were not created; at that time it was named Presenter, due to problems with the desk routing, in 1987 it was renamed PowerPoint at the suggestion of Robot Gasiknus.In Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, the subject matter is mainly displayed through these slides.

Talk about how to download Microsoft power point app, it is very easy to download this app. You can download Microsoft Google Play Store apps. Or you can download this app from Google Play Store.

Where to Download Microsoft Powerpoint app

First of all, you have to open the Google Play Store app in your phone, after opening it will be clicking on the search option, after clicking you will have to type Microsoft power point app, after typing you will see the Microsoft power point app on which By clicking, you have to download that app. After downloading, the Microsoft Power Point app will be installed automatically, after it is installed, you can open and use this app.

How to Play Microsoft Powerpoint app (1)

Like you use any other app by downloading it from the Google Play Store app. Similarly you can use Microsoft Power Point. This app is an online app. You will need net to use this app, this app is used online only.PowerPoint was developed for business use but has wider applications elsewhere such as for schools and community organizations. Its inclusion assured its near-total dominance in the presentation software market.


The release of PowerPoint 3.0 in 1992 introduced the now-standard virtual slideshow, with later versions adding more features such as slides, transitions, backgrounds, designs, animations, graphics, movies, and sounds, clips, and autocontent, which are included in this feature. Information is to be communicated. Creates a presentation template based on .

Office PowerPoint, renamed in 2003, reflected Microsoft’s emphasis on standardizing the user interface and program functions in its suite of tenured programs, which included the Word 1 word processor and Excel a spreadsheet program for mobile devices such as iOS and iOS smartphones and tablets. power point is also available android operating system

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