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Hello friends how are you hope? That you will all be fine, so let’s talk today. About snapchat app which is very funny app. Snapchat (English Snapchat) is a photo and messaging mobile app. Which is produced by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. The idea came to him while studying at Stanford University, after which Murfi created this app and this app became available for iOS in July 2011, this app is used to click different types of pictures.

This app is used online. You can use this app very easily.Reggie Brown came up with the idea that the snapchat app would automatically delete photos after you sent them, and Reggie told Evan Spiegel, who had prior business experience, that they got Bobby Murphy with him because he had the idea to build the app. The experience was that the trio worked together for a few months, and on July 8, 2011, these people launched an app for IAS under the name Snapchat, after which Spiegel and Murphy fired Reggie Brown from the company, a few months later in September.

In 2011 this app was renamed as SnapchatSpiegel said in 2015 that Snapchat is only for the rich. And he does not want it to expand to poor countries like India and Spain, since then the users of India started removing this app and at the same time this app is the least in the Uber Play Store and Apple’s App Store. After giving rate in 1 star, Snapchat’s share fell to 1.5%, after which Snapchat said that Snapchat is for everyone. And can be downloaded for free all over the world. Since then it has become a free to do app.

Special Features of Snapchat App

Snapchat is an application that transmits messages from one user to another through photos and videos. Its unique feature is that after a time the shared photos automatically disappear from it because the message is short lived. By taking a screenshot of a Snap message from your phone,

Snapchat App

users can save their snaps before sharing them with their friends, its confession started reaching its peak in a very short time, seeing that Facebook bought it for 3 million dollars Though the founders of Snapchat rejected this offer, later Facebook had taken out an application called Sling Suite, copying it, but it could not be successful in the people. A feature of Snapchat that makes it different from other social sites.

Also This Messenger App

In this, personal contact is established between the receiver and the sender of the message. Also, there is a system of video chat in it. On clicking on the Here option present in this application, if the chat window of the selected users is open. So he gets the information about it. The user receiving the notification also selects this option. So video chatting starts in both of them. After the chat is over, it is completely removed from the application.

How to Play Snapchat App

This app is very easy to use, with the help of this a Snapchat user can tell the story of his day in one go. This makes it easy to tell this to your friends. What interesting work the user has done in the last 24 hours. By the way, the number of followers of China is very high.

How to Play Snapchat App

Those people can very well use it as an ad. Snapchat is primarily known as a private messaging application. But its story features can also be used in a very good way for promotion. Many big stars and big celebrities share their snap codes with people. Which can be used to connect to them.

and can be linked to their activities.Snapchat is used by almost all kinds of people. But it is more prevalent among youth and adolescents. Snapchat can be downloaded from Google Play Store or other Play Store. This application is used in Smartphone Iphone Domo etc.You can also click pictures from this app. And you can also do editing in your photos. From time to time, you get to see new new features by updating Snapchat.

Where to Download Snapchat App

You can download snapchat app very easily. You can download it from Google Play Store. Or you can also download this app from Google. First of all, you have to open the Google Play Store, after opening, click on the search option and type, after typing the Snapchat app, click on it.

After clicking, you will see the option of download, by clicking on the option, let the snapchat app be downloaded, after downloading, snapchat will be installed. With all this, you have to enter a password to keep your account safe. After this a username has to be set. This username is visible to other Snapchat users. Therefore, while entering the username, no special information related to yourself should be used.

Where to Download Snapchat App

Once the account is created, a verification message will be sent from Snapchat as a verification. Verifying your phone number allows you to change the password later on. Compiling it from your phone’s contact list, the Snapchat app scans all the contacts so that the mobile Registration of the number is subject to Snapchat adds it to your friend list. Although this work is not necessary.


Snapchat is a social networking platform as well as a messaging app on which you can share pictures and short videos up to 10 seconds with your friends. Two more features of Snapchat are text chat and video call. Both the features were updated on Snapchat just a while back. Snapchat app is very easy to use because you get all its features only on Home I New. So that you can use the Snapchat app very easily.

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