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Hello friends how are you hope.. That you will all be fine. Today we are going to talk. About Subway Surf game which is very much liked by the people. This game was started in 2012. The number of people playing this game is increasing rapidly.

This game is played in countries other than India as well. And it is also very much liked.
Subway Surf Game is a video game that you can play on your smartphone as well. There is a train track in this game. And there are three main characters in it.

Jack Tricky and Fresh The trio run away by dodging an angry cop and a loyal dog with him. After that, the closed rail tracks run behind the jack to catch him. Subway Surf Game Your super boots can make the character taller than usual. This game is a running game

Special Features of Subway Surf Game

There are many special features in the subway surf game. This is what we are going to tell you today. In this game, there is a closed railway track. Some of these tracks are trains. In this game Jack Peck Super Shoe Coins Magnet Long Super Jump.

Subway Surf

All these things keep getting them in between while playing the game. There are also many players in this game. Which we can open by collecting coins after playing. And can enjoy new players. Sometimes we get in a rocket while playing a subway surf game.

So that we start flying in the air. Sometimes we also get power while playing in subway surf games. So that we can play again after getting out a couple of times.Subway Surf Game View your friends’ records via the internet. And even try to defeat them.
The race of subway sub-game never ends.

How to play Subway Surf Game

Now let’s talk. How to play subway surf game, so let me tell you that it is very easy to play this game. There are some railway tracks in this game. that are closed. No button is used to run in this game. We have to touch the screen of our smartphones.

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And he starts running. While playing this game we have to collect coins. So that we can open our new level, so we have to move our fingers around. And the trains coming from the front have to be avoided. To avoid trains, we can also do downwards and jump upwards.

How to play Subway Surf Game

By playing the subway surf game every day, we get a box. From which we get many coins. We get many more gifts in this box. Which we can also use while playing. Some keys are also available while playing subway surf games. With which we can open more boxes. After opening, we get more coins. In this game,

you have to perform dangerous stunts to escape from the police. Like you have to run to the railway station. You have to be careful because there are many trains coming towards us at full speed from the front. that we have to avoid.

Where to Download Subway Surf Game

Talk about how to download the subway surf game, so let me tell you that it is very easy to download it. You can also download it from your Google Play Store. Or you can also download the game by tapping on the Subway Surf game on your Google and clicking on it.

Where to download Subway Surf Game

very easily download Subway Surf game, first, we have to type the name of the Subway Surf game by clicking on the search option on Google Play Store. He has to click on it and click on the download option. After it is downloaded, we have to let it install. After the game is installed, we can play it.


In the subway surf game, there is a man who runs very fast over the track. And saves himself from a police dog and is loyal to the police. While playing this game, the trains coming from the front also have to jump. In 2017 the Subway Surf game was one of the most downloaded games all over the world.

Talk about the number of downloads of the Subway Surf game, so let me tell you that in May 2018, 2 million locks were downloaded to the Subway Surf game. So this game became very popular subway Surf game was first released to users on 24 May 2012. The race of subway sub-game never ends.

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