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Hello friends how are you hope? That you will all be fine, today we are going to talk. About Temple Run game which is very fun game. And a lot of people like to play this game. Temple run game was started on 3 August 2011, since then it has become a very favorite game of people till date.

This game is a video game. Which you can play on your smartphone. And you can enjoy this game. Temple Run Game is a 3D endless running video game. Which is developed and published by Imangi Studios. In this game the player controls an explorer. In which an ancient relic has been found.

And chasing him, the demonic monkey runs away from the creatures.This game was liked so much that the second part of this game has also been made. Its name is Temple Run 2. And now we’re talking. Temple Run Key which is a running game. Temple Run 2 was released on iOS on January 16, 2013.

The Temple Run game was released on 23 December 2014 for the Samsung Gear VR headset. It took only 4 months for the Temple Run game to grow. We also get gems while playing this game. We can use it in the game.

How to Temple Run Game

Temple Run is far from endless. Which is the most successful and popular series in history. This game was downloaded more than 170 million times. The Temple Run game closely follows the original format. And it also breaks down a lot of interesting things while offering similar game mechanics.

Temple Run

While playing this game, we have to avoid even small things. Like thorns come in the middle. We also have to read them carefully.You also get power while playing the game. Which you can use while playing.
This game was created in collaboration with Disney Studios.

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The creators of Temple Run have said some interesting things about it.The distance in this game is 50 trillion meters. Temple run game is played the most in the country of China. Temple Run accounts for 36 percent of game downloads in China. After this comes the second number of America, out of which 21% people have downloaded it is about India. So there are only 4% downloads here.

Play Temple Run Game

In temple run game a player runs. Behind which is a big animal. Temple Run Game That player steals something and runs away. Then the big animal runs after him to catch him.The player plays till then. His race is not over until I hit an obstacle or fall into the water or hit some thorns or something else.

Play Temple Run Game

If it’s too late for you to play. So you also get a parachute. Sitting on top of which you can fly in the clouds for a while. You have to keep taking coins while playing Temple Run game. The more coins you collect, the more your profit is. You can open red coins by collecting coins, after red, blue coins also open.

There are three types of coins in it.In this game, we can also open the magnet with our own money. After doing this, you can use it while playing the game. After using, you will have more coins collected in the game, we can also open players. And new players can enjoy.

The color of the coin found in this game is a red and yellow and blue. In which the cost of the yellow coin is one. And blue has three and red has two we have to open these sidcos.If you start the game. So you will get coins of the same color that is. We have to open the yellow and red blue coins.

Where to download Temple Run Game

Today let me tell you how you can enjoy the temple run game. So first you have to turn on your smartphone to download Temple Run game and you can download the game from Google Play Store in your phone. And you can also download this game from Google.

Where to download Temple Run Game

Now let us tell you how to download this game, first of all you have to turn on the net in your phone, after doing this you will have to open the Google Play Store, after opening, you will have to type on the search option Temple Run Game After searching, clicking on it will be followed by the option of download on which you have to click.

After clicking, the game will be downloaded, after downloading the game will be installed, then after that you can turn off your net and enjoy the game by starting this game, Temple Run game is played offline only. You do not need any kind of net to play this game.


Temple run game is very fun game. And we have been very popular too. This game has also been very much liked in China. And America is at number two in liking it.

The people there have also called this game a very amazing game. China has also praised this game very much. In America, 21 percent of the people have downloaded this game. The Temple Run game was initially released for iOS devices on August 4, 2011.

and later it was posted to android system and windows phone 8The Temple Run game was so well received that many copies of this game were made and the bonuses in this game were based on the combination of gems similar to the poker hand ranking. But it proved to be very difficult to achieve and has been scrapped.

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