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Hello friends how are you hope? If you are all fine then we are going to talk today. About the WhatsApp app, the app you must have used. The WhatsApp app was launched in 2009 for iPhone and Android users. Initially, it was launched as a messaging app.

But by the end of the year, WhatsApp also made photo and video sharing feature available in it, there is another feature in WhatsApp. Which is of video call. You can also talk on a video call from this app. Net is required to run this app. Group features have also been updated in this app.

In the year 2014, the number of WhatsApp users around the world increased to 500 million, apart from this, in the same year WhatsApp took the hand of Facebook, there is a lot of discussion around the world about the WhatsApp app. And people also use it in large numbers.

Almost all do not. Now would have used WhatsApp in the year 2015, to increase its user base, WhatsApp Web was launched for desktop. Whatsapp s.m.s. Just like the one started for Messenger, your WhatsApp app gets deleted. And if you want to get back your messages, then you can take a backup.

That’s why you have to put your Gmail ID in WhatsApp if you do this. Then your messages come back. In this app you can also change the style of typing. Whatever status you put in this app, it will be removed after 24 hours, the status is only 24 hours in the kernel.

Special Features of WhatsApp App

Talk about some special features of the WhatsApp app, so let me tell you that there are many special things in this app. Which let me tell you today, we can also make video calls from the WhatsApp app. With this we can see any distant friend through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp App

can talk to him. This feature was put in WhatsApp by the end of 2016. In 2016, the number of people using WhatsApp reached 100 million.In the year two thousand and eighteen, the number of people using it had increased so much that it became 150 million, along with this, in the same year, WhatsApp added features like WhatsApp Business App WhatsApp Group Calling and WhatsApp Video Call for its users.as you know.

WhatsApp is a messenger app. Which helps us to send chatting video calling file photo document to each other. In 2015, this app became the world’s most popular messenger application, along with video calls, voice calls have also been provided in this app.

Also This Facebook App

WhatsApp was invented in February 2009 Please You was expanded in 2009 in the US city of California While setting status in this app, you can also decide to whom you want to show your status in your contact. If you want to show someone in the status, then you can do so. This feature is in WhatsApp.

How to play WhatsApp App

We are talking today. About the WhatsApp app, I will tell you that it is. How you can use it. You don’t have to do much to run this app. You can type in this app. And you can send message to any of your friends. This app is run through net. You can also send voice in this app.

How to play WhatsApp App

Or you can type in Hindi also. If you do not know how to type, then you can use voice recording. If you know typing. Then it doesn’t matter. In this app you can put your favorite video or photo on the status. And you can also put DP on it. Which you can also apply your photo.

You can also create your friend group in this app for anything else. In which group you can now add all your friends.While setting status in this app, you can also decide to whom you want to show your status in your contact. If you want to show someone in the status, then you can do so. This feature is in WhatsApp. Your contact is in this app. And if he puts any status, then you can also see his status. This app is very funny. And it’s even more interesting.

Let me tell you how you can download this app. And you can enjoy this app. So, first of all, you will need net on your phone. This app runs online. You have to open the play store app of your phone or you can also download this game from the google app. By opening the Google Play Store app, you have to click on the search option. Then you have to type the WhatsApp app, after typing so much, you have to search.

Where to Download WhatsApp App

After searching, click on the download option. After clicking, the app will be downloaded, after downloading, the WhatsApp app will be installed automatically, after installation, you will have to keep your net on, then you can turn on the WhatsApp app.

Where to Download WhatsApp App

After turning on, this app will ask to write the mobile number, then you will have to write your mobile number on it, after writing the number, an OTP will come on your phone, which you will have to fill in the phone, after that you can use the WhatsApp app.In this app, if you want to delete after messaging. So you can do this. If you have a message to whom you have sent.

You also have to delete it from his side. So you can delete. If you want to delete the message from his side also. So it has a limit of 1 hour. After that you cannot delete the message, let me tell you a trick so that you can delete the old message from the old one. So you have to do this. At the time when you sent the message. At the same time, you have to set the time of your phone and the date will also be deleted by doing this.


There is one special thing in this app. That this app has night mode. By which your eyesight is taken care of. By turning it on, you can protect your eyes from strong light. There is no limit on sending messages in this app. You can send as many messages as you want. It has 70 million users in India.

This app is a US country app. If someone messages on Whatsapp. So you get a notification as soon as you turn on the net. With this app, you can send video or photo documents to any friend or anyone in a relationship. The average user sends 1000 messages per month on the WhatsApp app. A user uses the WhatsApp app for about 195 minutes in a week.

With this app we can talk through messages without calling anyone. In January 2018, WhatsApp launched a new business app WhatsApp Business led by Facebook, after which the company can talk to its customers directly through WhatsApp. On 19 February 2014, Facebook said that it is going to buy WhatsApp for 19 million US dollars (about 1.5 lakh crores).

Just 1 year ago, the value of WhatsApp was estimated to be million. You can also enjoy emoji in this app. I have a lot in this. There are also emojis of many things like laughing and many vehicles and many fruits. Which you can send to your friends. In this app, you can also send emojis online. You can select and send emojis according to your mood.

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