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Hello friends how are you hope. If you are all fine then today we are going to talk. About one such app which is a very popular app, the name of this app is YouTube. You must have heard the name and you must be using it. This app was created by three former employees of PayPal, Chad Hurley, Steve Chan and Jawed Karim in February 2005, which was bought by Google in November 2006 for 1 point 65 billion US dollars.

YouTube is a video viewing platform based in America. In which registered members can upload their videos along with watching video clips.YouTube allows its registered members to upload and watch, share videos, add as favorite videos, report comments, and subscribe to other members’ channels. In this, videos are available from members to many big companies.

Images are videos, clips, TV shows, music, videos, movies, trailers, live streams, etc. Some people also know YouTube as blogging. Only unregistered members can watch videos in this app. Same registered members can upload unlimited videos. And you can also add in the comments to the video. This is seen in all of your smartphones. Because it is in a way the app of the phone itself. Which you do not have to download. But you have to keep updating this app in between. With this your YouTube will run very well and you can use it very easily.

Special Features of YouTube App

YouTube earns its income from Google Adsense. Which shows its ad according to the content and audience of the side. Most of the videos in this can be seen for free. But some videos have to be paid to watch. One of these includes watching a film on loan. In which you can watch the movie by paying some money. You can also subscribe to YouTube Premium by paying.


With which you can watch many videos without any ads. And also there are some such videos on YouTube Premium. Which can only be seen by purchasing a subscription to YouTube Premium.With which app you can watch any type of video. And you can also watch movie trailers. This app runs online. Net is required to run this app. If you want to save the video in this app. Then you can save. If you like any video.

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So you can do this. In this app you get all types of videos. Like if you want to watch whatsapp status or shot video or funny video. So you will get to see all types of videos on YouTube.You can also watch funny videos in the YouTube app. And if you like listening to sad videos sad songs. So you can listen on youtube. If you like listening to general knowledge. So you can also watch GK videos on it. that will benefit you a lot.

How to Play YouTube App

Talk about how to use the YouTube app, then which app is not too difficult to use. You can use this app in very simple way. So let us tell you today. So first of all you will need net in your phone if you have net in your phone. So you can use YouTube channel very easily. You have to open this app, after opening the type of video you want to watch.

How to Play YouTube App

You can type its name by clicking on the search option, similarly you will get to see many videos in front of you if you want to watch funny videos. So you click on the search option and type funny videos, then you will get funny videos if you want to watch short videos. even then you will get to seeBlogging was announced in October 2006 by Google Inc. That it has made an agreement to acquire a company for 1.65 billion in stock.

This agreement was completed on 13 November 2003 Google completed the agreement with YouTube on 14 November 2006 The first video uploaded to YouTube is Me at the Zoo. In which co-founder Jawed Karim is shown at the San Diego Zoo. It was uploaded on 23 April 2005. It can still be viewed on YouTube. According to a story that is often repeated in the media, Hurley and Chan had difficulty distributing videos taken at a dinner party in San Francisco Chan’s apartment during the early months of 2005, and this led to the birth of the idea for YouTube.

Where to Download YouTube App

Let me tell you friends now. How can you download youtube app. Downloading is very easy. Let us tell you today. First of all you will need internet if you have internet then there is nothing to worry. First of all go to play store and search youtube in search bar, now many apps will appear in the result but you have to download youtube.

After downloading the app will be installed, after installation you can open this app. and can use it. Friends, if you do not have YouTube app in your phone. Or you want to download YouTube app on your computer or laptop. So today we tell you. That’s how you can easily download YouTube in your any mobile phone or computer. Friends, YouTube has two years to run.

Where to Download YouTube App

Either you can watch the video by visiting its official website Or you can stream any video online by downloading its app to your device. With this app you can watch funny video or set video movie trailer or full movie very easily. Or if a new movie has been released. And you have to watch the trailer of that movie. So you can watch the trailer of any movie from YouTube app.  If you have installed youtube app. So now open this app, you are seeing many videos in the home tab of YouTube and in the trending tab. So you can watch any video from your YouTube app by clicking on it.


Karim attributed the inspiration for YouTube to not finding video clips of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami online. Hurley and Chen stated that the original idea for YouTube was a video version of an online dating service and from the Hot and Not website. Impressed after its suggestion, there are still many official clips of television so film music videos. which is on youtube.

YouTube does not watch such videos before posting. You can also upload your own videos to YouTube. By doing this, users will like, comment and share on your video so that you can become famous. If you get a lot of share comments and likes on your video. So after the launch of YouTube, many countries, including Tunisia, Thailand, Iran, are included on it. Banned, which was later lifted On October 1, 2007, some video transmissions were banned in Turkey, which was lifted 2 days later.

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